SUSTAINABILITY: According to the Brundtland Report, 1987, sustainable development is defined as the kind of development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

We have a network of expert professionals and strategic allies in different key areas of the financial sector such as the CAPITAL MARKET, DEVELOPMENT AND COMMERCIAL BANKS, SPECIALIZED AND THEMATIC FUNDS.

We have national and international contacts to bring financing to climate and sustainable projects.

At GENESIS we believe that the advancement of technology drives individuals, companies and organizations to use non-traditional management, communication and marketing tools.

TECHNOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: A technological solution that helps the Public Sector to fulfill its monitoring role in an efficient manner and the Private Sector to comply with current regulations and to be able to design prevention policies.

We are a team committed to our clients and companies, integral solutions in the areas of Sustainability and Climate Change, Sustainable Financing and Technological Solutions

GENESIS was born in 2015 but its origins date back to 2003 when a group of specialists began to work on issues related to climate change and sustainability.

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