The company


It is the origin and beginning of a new phase. The formation of something new.

GenesisThe companyWhy GENESIS?

According to its meaning, sustainability means to satisfy present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. This implies a very important change in comparison to what we have been doing until now, mainly in issues related to ecological, economic and social development.

Individuals, corporations, institutions and governments should rethink/redefine/adjust its systems, products, relationships. As at GENESIS we know that this change will be slow and gradual, we want to be at the very beginning (genesis) helping them to develop efficient strategies and solutions of an environmental, social and economic value.


Meaning of the logo:

The ten-pointed star is a star that, if looked at closely, has the pentacle placed one on top of the other. One pointing upwards, and the other downwards. The pentacle with the upwards point means or represents spirituality; the pentacle with the downwards point is representative of the material world, the physical nature, what we can see, the Earth. Thus, if we join both pentacles, we get the ten-pointed star that represents complete and total balance or equilibrium. It is the spiritual nature that descends on the physical nature and the physical nature that ascends to the spiritual nature.

The ten-pointed star represents the perfect balance between the spiritual nature and the physical nature, complete harmony.

The star also incorporates the Phi proportion, or aurous or sacred proportion.

The aurous number (also called golden number, extreme and mean ratio, aurous ratio, golden ratio, aurous mean, aurous proportion and divine proportion) is an irrational algebraic number that has many interesting properties and an aesthetic characteristic is attributed to those objects whose proportions keep the aurous ratio. Some even believe that it is attached mystic importance. Throughout history, its inclusion has been attributed to the design of several works of art and architecture.

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