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Vision, Mision and Values

Vision, Mision and Values
GenesisThe companyVision, Mision and Values


At GENESIS we know that worldwide we are at a stage of transition between a system of lineal economy (taking, producing, discarding) and one of a circular type, that pursues to keep an environmental, social and productive balance. At this stage we will also have to face and overcome climate change and its many impacts.


Our mission is to help individuals, companies, organizations and governments to go through this stage by inspiring and implementing efficient solutions and strategies of an economic, social, environmental and institutional value as well as by preparing them to face the impact of global warming.


  • Love: for what we do, that we know that is much more than passion
  • Responsibility: to be accountable for
  • Transparency: being honest
  • Diversity: plurality
  • Integration: working for consensus and inclusion having a holistic and systemic approach
  • Quality: seeking excellence